The French are glad to die for love

14 Jul

Due to my extensive study of the French Revolution (thank you, Academic Decathlon), when I think of July 14th, I think of Bastille Day.  Although I could wax poetic about the Third Estate, the Tennis Court Oath, etc. I’d rather focus on my personal interpretation of La Fete Nationale.   Basically, when I think of the French I think of love and kisses (though my studies of the Revolution would prove that the French are indeed fighters, not lovers) and with that in mind, I will share with you some current loves in my life.  I’ve chosen seven – I tried to think of a number that went with the revolution, but I had more than 3 (for the Third Estate), less than 14, and way less than 221 (how many years it’s been – I think.  Me = not good at basic math), but seven seemed appropriate as it is the SEVENTH month of the year and I’m about to go to Las Vegas, which has a Paris hotel, and there 7s are lucky?  Admittedly, it’s a reach, but I really love these things and there happened to be seven of them.

#1:LUSHSugar Scrub

I’m a long-time Lushlover, much to the chagrin of the men in my family who visit and always must ask which of the “cheeses” in my shower is for your hair and which are not.  Unfortunately I can’t really shop online as most of their products melt on their way from whatever iceberg they are created on to the sauna in which I live, so I only visit Lush when I visit the Galleria, which isn’t often.  (As a sidenote: when I moved to Houston, I thought I’d practically be living at the Galleria.  As it turns out, having a gigantic mall five minutes from your home does not make online shopping any less appealing.)  Fortunately, Julia visited me for our annual summer shopping trip wherein we managed to hit up Lush, and we sure were glad we did!

After buying more product than I’ll ever need, I have totally fallen in love with their new SUGAR SCRUBS! Basically, you break off a good chunk, mix it with a little body wash (I like Yummy, Yummy) and go to town.  After using it my skin literally feels like I’m six months old.

#2: You’re Cut Off!

Know that since I watch classic television shows such as Toddlers & Tiaras, SOAPNet, and any show involving a Kardashian, my recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, you really should watch You’re Cut Off!  Basically, girls living off of trust funds are suddenly cut off and forced to live in a house together and attend group therapy sessions.  They also must complete “challenges” such as grocery shopping, bed making, and outlet malling.  They are horrible people and watching them makes you feel like a better person.  It’s on VHI and I’m sure it has a prime-time spot, but I’m a teacher off for the summer, so I watch it on Mondays at like, 11a.m.

#3: Groupons

Look, I can save so much money I’m broke, but if you live in or near any major city, sign up for Groupons. Basically, local businesses offer up deep discounts to get new clients.  You buy a discounted gift card and use it (they hope you like your experience and return).  Most importantly, they don’t suck.  I bought $60 worth of the best pizza in Houston (Candelari’s) for $30, holla.  The e-mails are fine, but the iPhone app is truly where it’s at.

#4: Texas Martinis

This isn’t new, but seriously BEST. DRINK. EVER.  I had one tonight!  Get your bad self to Chuy’s and have one, STAT!

#5: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown [DVD]

I don’t really LOVE Jillian Michaels’ newest form of torture, but the 30-minute yoga meltdown is reminiscent of Steve Ross’ Inhale, which I no longer get because for some reason DirecTV does not provide me with the Oxygen channel.  It’s 2 levels, quite challenging, but not impossible.  She’s also not quite as annoying in this DVD, which I find appealing.  Overall, it’s not like, REAL yoga, but a good workout and there aren’t any of those darn burpees involved.

#6: The Man Who Ate The World by Jay Rayner

The Man Who Ate the World: In Search of the Perfect Dinner

Let’s face it – when it comes to Top Chef Masters Judges, he’s head and shoulders above Gael Greene and James Oseland.  As someone who has read nearly every offering of the “Food Writing” pittance at Barnes & Noble, I can say that this is one of the highlights.  Because he’s a food critic and not a chef, the writing is more objective (read: he likes to diss people fairly harshly).  It’s hilarious, thoughtful, and will make you quite hungry.

#7: Smashbox Lipgloss

Lip Enhancing Gloss

I hoard lipgloss, so finding a product I didn’t have at Sephora was a truly exhilarating experience!  Julia gave me a lovely sampler of these glosses for my birthday last year and I absolutely used every drop of each gloss (and there were 6 of them!).  The colors are lovely, it isn’t sticky, and the color lasts for a long time.  I daresay they are better than the Mac Lipglass (gasp!).  My favorite is Radiant: Radiant.

Enjoy, and happy bastille day!


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