You know what I mean, peaches and cream

18 Jul

I have a love/hate relationship with the grocery store.  I love picking out what I want to make, neurotically composing a list (organized by grocery aisle), looking at all of the fresh produce and, essentially mouth-shopping.  I hate the actual act of driving, asking, once again why they don’t stock red chilies, sacking my groceries (apparently in some towns this is a service provided by grocery store employees, yet I have never seen evidence of this.  Ever.), loading them into the car, carrying them into the house, and finding space to store all this stuff in my impossibly small pantry.  Oh, and usually I get rained on during at least one of these steps, often a torrential downpour that is present only in coastal towns.  But occasionally everything works out and I have an excellent grocery store experience – I had one of these fateful trips this week when, as I approached the meat counter I saw that tuna steaks were on sale for $5 a pound (and they were even the proper color for a tuna steak!).  I immediately bought three, thinking that I could easily find a way to use them – luckily I had to look no further than to my British boyfriend Jamie Oliver for inspiration.  Lately I’ve had a little obsession with his Everyday Food book, but this time I found the perfect summer recipe in Jamie At Home – a simple tuna steak with tomato salsa.  Often Jamie doesn’t mention little details such as amount of time involved at the beginning of a recipe, so I was shocked when we were eating only fifteen minutes after we started cooking.

I made the salsa, which involved chopping up about 4 tomatoes, a bunch of green onions, 2 red chilies, a handful of cilantro, a handful of mint, a juiced lemon and lime and mixing it together.

Ross pan fried the tuna steaks with just a bit of olive oil.  He cooked until they were pink in the middle, which was really quite perfect.

Then we just put a mountain of salsa on each one and paired with some light beer – a delicious Friday-night dinner!

We followed the summery dinner up with one of my favorite summer desserts – peaches and ice cream:

Last night we had plans to go out with friends, but unfortunately a massive storm blew through and leaving home seemed more than a little irresponsible.  We were fairly lazy, so I heated up some Costco empanadas – the leftover salsa really kicked them up a notch – not that it’s necessary, I mean, Costco empanadas are excellent by themselves.

I’ll leave you with some comical pictures of my dogs post-haircut yesterday:

Moses, looking like a teddy bear and:

Nitro, who looks like a freak with ears bigger than his head.


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