Nobody does it like YOU!

21 Jul

Look, I hate to brag, but I really need to make it known that I am married to a wonderful man.  Sure, he’s supportive, kind, loving, brilliant, motivated, and a hard-worker, but what really sets my dear Ross apart from all the other men out there is his unique and unparalleled ability to clean floors.  That’s right, I’m more impressed by his vacuuming abilities than his ability to come up with a diagnosis before Dr. House (he does this with Mystery Diagnosis, too, rendering the last 22 minutes of the show essentially worthless).  When Ross requested a new cleaning apparatus for our wood and tile floors, I was quick to oblige his request.  We’d been using a Swiffer WetJet and it really wasn’t doing the job.  The smell is pretty nauseating, the floors don’t get clean enough, and we’d read some reports that it contains chemicals that could be toxic for dogs.

This is Moses’ idea of hiding after being caught peeing on the floor.

Fortunately, we’d received a great recommendation from my parents for the Hoover FloorMate – available at Costco!  We love Costco, so tonight we decided to pick up the FloorMate and have a romantic dinner in the Costco food court (dinner and dessert for two, $4.71?  Yes, please!).

The Hoover® FloorMate™ SpinScrub®

We got straight to work after we got home (meaning I sat on the couch and Ross actually assembled and began using the thing) and I am happy to say that this has solved our floor-cleaning needs.  The key feature involved here is that the clean solution remains separate from the dirty water – an issue that has always disturbed me about mopping as it seems like you’re just sloshing the dirty stuff around.  This is particularly true if you are the owner of small pets who haven’t totally grasped the concept of outdoor peeing.  In the FloorMate, the clean solution is sprayed on the floor, brushed with super scrubber things, and then sucked up into the dirty compartment.  After doing our dining room and bathroom floors, the dirty compartment was quite gross, which was pleasing to me (I totally love when you can see the evidence of your cleaning!).  I also like that the solution is sucked back up into the thing, making it a bit more pet-friendly.  The smell is also far less nauseating, just a clean smell.  The only aspect I was disappointed in is that my white grout was not as sparkling as I would have hoped, but a quick Amazon search found me a solution made specifically for grout! The FloorMate does not disappoint, but do note that it’s only $100 at Costco versus $150-180 everywhere else, so if you, like Ross, were wondering if the Costco membership pays for itself, the answer is yes, it does!  Plus you get to eat great Costco food which, of course, is awesome.

Even Moses likes it – once it is turned off, of course.

Because I’m embarrassed to have a post devoted solely to floor cleaning, I’ll share some quick knitting pictures.  I can’t yet have my own baby, so I’m practicing by doing lots of knitting for babies of friends.  Here are some hats:

I love making these little baby hats, but after making such cute girly ones with big flowers, the only thing I can think of to do with boy hats is stripes!   I may need to work on crocheting something boyish (a train?  a fish?).

And some baby headbands:

Admittedly, I’ve made these for myself, too, I just put the flower on a little clip :).


One Response to “Nobody does it like YOU!”

  1. Joanne Eskildsen July 24, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    I am so impressed! Absolutely adorable! My talented nieces and nephews never cease to amaze me

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