Square Pegs

8 Aug

In my tour of the Southwestern USA, I have hit cities with the sole intention of fun (i.e. Vegas, San Diego), but one week ago Mom and I made a trip down to Austin with no intentions of heavy drinking, beach lounging, or hours spent in front of “Survivor!” slot machines.  No, the trip to Austin was a labor of love – we went down to help Joel and Claire move in to their new house.  Though it was quite hot and there was much work to be done, we had a great time and their house looks so awesome that I had to share some pictures.

Their new house is located in the adorable Hyde Park neighborhood in Austin.  The neighborhood is so charming, filled with small, mid-century houses painted in easter-egg colors.  Most have been updated, but often keeping some original details.  Joel and Claire’s house is a four-square house – with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen each taking up a corner of the house.  This means that every room has windows on two walls – it’s bright and sunny all day long.  Though the place is somewhat small (800 square feet), it is an extremely functional space and perfect for them.  Unfortunately, with a fifty year old house comes a lack of storage space, so much of our time was spent hanging shelves and coming up with creative storage solutions.

The living room:

The Guest Bedroom/Office:

The Kitchen (my favorite!):

And a few details:

Congrats Joel and Claire – your new house couldn’t be cuter!

And, continuing in the spirit of a picture-heavy post – I finally finished knitting the giant squid!

Now I can relax and enjoy my last four days of summer vacation!


One Response to “Square Pegs”

  1. Lori August 8, 2010 at 1:05 pm #

    You and a drill are a deadly combination!!

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