Drinking salty margaritas with Fernando

5 Sep

I don’t really understand the concept of working during the summer.  I went from high school, to college, back to high school as a teacher, so I’ve never been expected to work for more than about ten months at a time.  I feel like I do enough work in those ten months to count for twelve (I say that – did you know that teachers only work HALF the days of the year?!).  Because I’m taking on some additional responsibilities at school this year (read: selling my soul to debate), we decided to end my summer vacation in style a few weeks ago.

When I returned to work, I became immediately ill (I think I’m literally allergic to my workplace – and not due to mesothelioma as I suspected), so I didn’t work the second day of school and headed back home to see my honey and parents for an end-of-summer party.  With my stomach finally able to hold down solid food, we decided a Mexican fiesta was the way to go.  Since it was way, way too hot to go to Joe T. Garcia’s – we brought the Joe T experience home complete with nachos, margaritas, and the enchilada dinner.

Joel was in town as he had his wisdom teeth extracted that week, and he delighted us with his famous margaritas!  They are the most innocuous tasting things – a perfect sweet-sour blend with just a hint of tequila, but make no mistake – they pack a serious punch!

He agreed to share the recipe with ShitIKnit!


4 parts sour mix

2 parts tequila (it will be well-mixed, no Patron necessary! (though I love Patron!))

2 parts lime juice (fresh or RealLime)

1 part agave nectar

1 part cointreau

He also mentions that if the sewage color these puppies can turn bothers you, a splash of blue curacao will perk them right up.    They are heavenly and I advise standing up before you start your second one, as they pack quite the punch!

Jack also made some kick-ass nachos because at our house cooking is a family affair – as it should be!

Jack’s Killer Nachos

Crispy tortilla rounds

1 poblano pepper

MJ cheese

special seasoning blend (sorry folks, he hasn’t agreed to share it, but it’s pretty kicky and I think it may have some smoked paprika in it)

If you were just thinking that my brothers are both insanely talented AND good looking, you’d be correct!  They are also smart, funny, and pretty much awesome as far as brothers go.

I won’t add any information about the Enchiladas yet, as I have a post coming this week about an enchilada duo!  Also, I’ve baked about a million treats since school came back and have much to share (hopefully including the cake balls I’m working on tonight).  Here’s a teaser though:


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