A proverbial “doctor’s note”.

24 Oct

It’s fairly legit as I will be married to an official M.D. in 8 months.  When I started blogging, I knew this would happen.  I was so bored this summer and all I could think about was my unwavering desire to procreate, so blogging seemed like a good way to spend time.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for the sake of our sanity), things picked back up.  For a few weeks this was fun, back to school, exciting times, but this evening while driving home from Dallas we had to stop and ask ourselves, “wait, is it really almost NOVEMBER?!?”.

September and October have been yet another Act in the drama that is our lives, and while it may have been irritating at the time, it’s pretty funny looking back on it.  To make up for lost time, here are four little vignettes that sum up early Fall.


1. The Sharpie Incident.  Basically, I haven’t been caught up on laundry ever.  Between weekend debate tournaments, residency interviews, and teaching and working full time laundry hasn’t really been a priority.  We do it when we can, but often we can’t.  A few weeks ago it was a rare Sunday off and we started a load only to forget to clean out pockets.  Ladies and gentlemen, should you leave a sharpie in your pocket and then do laundry, your dryer will look like this:

Somebody thought it would be a good idea just to put a t-shirt soaked in rubbing alcohol in the dryer so it could clean the dryer, but then somebody else, who happens to be a chemistry major, thought that flammability was an issue so we just left it as is.  It didn’t ruin any MORE clothes (oh no, just the brand new Michael Kors blouse I got on final sale…), so problem solved.


2. The Planner.  When I was a kid, mom used to come up with these crazy ideas of places we could live and we would talk about our lives in these places (Boise, Marble Falls to name a few…).  Since Ross has began the residency match program, I’ve started planning our lives for every city that sends an invitation.  I now know where we will work/live/hang out in Shreveport, Birmingham, and Lubbock, should we be so unlucky.  I also take organization very seriously and Ross does see the value in it, so I created a google calendar of potential interview dates, a google document ranking the programs with organization for interviews, rejections, etc., and have linked both of these to both of our e-mails and Iphones.  Now instead of making any sort of scheduling mistake, we simply spend upwards of 3 hours a day each neurotically checking all databases.  I actually have studentdoctor.net bookmarked on my school computer ahead of sephora.com.  Madness.

3. The first car… I may or may not have complained to you about the lack of air conditioning in our beloved acceptable Jetta.  After I finally passed the puppy on to Ross it died a few times, and the check engine light came on so we decided that because summer in Houston lasts until about November 20th, the lack of AC wasn’t going to improve and we should have it repaired.  After a $900 bill, a $3K estimate and STILL no air?  We cut our losses and bought a new car.  A 2010 Honda Accord.  It’s fabulous, air conditioned, and doesn’t randomly die or cost zillions to repair (partially cause it doesn’t break down :).  What can I say, I like my cars to be Japanese.

4. The “good” car… Approximately one week before the Jetta fiasco, Ross was picking me up from the airport (I’d had a long, 11-hours each way drive to Lincoln, Nebraska) in the Scion on a Tuesday night when suddenly a large can of something flew into the car.  Though we couldn’t tell exactly what it was at first, the windshield wipers could not budge the substance and we soon discovered that a can of blue paint had indeed exploded onto our vehicle covering the windshield and pretty much the entire front of our car.  We were able to remove enough from the windshield to create a small hole for vision until the windshield was replaced.  By the way, as someone who has cracked a windshield more times than I care to admit, I did not know that GEICO would replace it for $50!  Thankfully we didn’t know this until I filed the claim for the paint, so since our windshield was still cracked, it was replaced.  The rest of the car wasn’t exactly “covered” as fault couldn’t necessarily be assigned.  We have found that acetone-free nail polish remover will remove it without removing the finish on the car, but seeing as we can’t even find the time to update a blog, it’s unlikely this will get done before January 15 (match day).  In the meantime, we will be driving the smurf-mobile with pride.  Tomorrow, when it isn’t dark, I will take some photographic evidence as I feel this story is not really as remarkable without it.

That essentially sums up the past two months of our lives – humorous disasters all around.  Thankfully, Ross’s first interview with incredibly well and this whole residency thing may just shape out to be pretty good.  Keep your fingers crossed and Go Rangers!



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