A fair day

31 Oct

Attending the Texas State Fair has been a tradition in my family for years.  Back when we were in elementary school our parents would pull us out just a little early, we’d stock up on non-perishable food, dr. pepper cans, or whatever the discount du jour was, and make our way to Dallas for an evening at the fair.  Now that our family is spread across the state, we go to the fair on Sunday, usually the Sunday after the Red River Shootout (which could be a whole notha post in itself…).  This year that plan worked out, so a few weeks ago we loaded up the van and made our way to the Fair.

While I’m sure the idea of a “fair” conjures up images of carnival rides, midway games, and cheap stuffed animals, our fair experience  includes nonesuch things.  We go to the fair for much more than outsmarting weight guessers and popping balloons with darts – it’s an experience.  We always begin at the same location and eat our way through the fair.  Our only really “must dos” are foods, the auto shows, wandering through the craft building, and looking through building after building of people peddling junk.

In years past, we’ve been to quick to sample new foods, wasting coupons and valuable stomach space, so this year we opted to stick to the basics.  As a fair tip, you’re better off getting one of everything than everyone getting one of a few things.  Case in point?  We started with a Fletcher’s Corny Dog:

Then, we moved to my dad and I’s favorite: the Barbecued Bologna:

There’s something about the way that the white bread vaccums to the roof of your mouth that makes this sandwich particularly delicious.

We picked up a few orders of Tornado Taters (one is clearly not enough :):

Stopped by Hans Mueller (Joel’s favorite).  As a side note, Tiffany from the latest season of Top Chef mentions this place as her inspiration for one of the challenges!

My personal favorite, the Belgian Waffle!  You have to get it with whipped cream and strawberries and powdered sugar.  Just accept that you will coat your entire front side with the stuff, it’s cool.

And we finished the day off with Ross’ favorite: Funnel Cake!

So, if you live in the Dallas area and haven’t been to the State Fair – it’s an obvious must do!  Make a trip!


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